British made motors take over the Mall - Top Gear:

British Manufacturing is having a re-emergence in its profile and we forget what we actual manufacture contrary to the historical media coverage. Finally we are coming to terms with celebrating what we are capable of as British Engineer’s.

HCM have made tooling for nearly all the vehicles on display

We are proud to have been helping to design the components and manufacture all kinds of tooling for all these premier brands for over 45 years.

  • Windscreens for Aston Martin in Low pressure die cast tooling
  • Structural parts for Aston Martin in Gravity die cast tooling
  • Engine components, transmission, chassis parts for JLR in high pressure and gravity die castings
  • Buses – window frames in gravity
  • Tanks – high pressure parts for the military
  • Lawn mowers – high pressure covers
  • Formula 1 – wind tunnel testing fixtures
  • McLaren – Engine components in Gravity tooling
  • Caterpillar – Low pressure engine/transmission parts
  • JCB – Gravity and high pressure engine tooling
  • Perkins – High pressure engine parts
  • Triumph – High pressure engine parts
  • Coaches – High pressure wing mirror components
  • Ranger Rover – Door panels in high pressure
  • Tractors – Engine components
  • Mini – Various engine and trim tooling.
  • Land rover – All sorts of tooling for all the models
  • Bentley – Cylinder head and block tooling
  • Rolls Royce - Cylinder head and block tooling

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